Texas gates

Texas gates or one-way gates ensure that the cow can pass through this gate from one side only. Texas gates are installed at the exit from the robot. so that the cows can walk out of the robot without being bothered by dominant animals. Your cows will accept this gate almost instantly.

Texas gates are a good tool to successfully control cow traffic towards the separation area.

Texas gates are available in various lengths and are available for mounting on poles of different sizes or for wall mounting.

Floating waiting area

A waiting area with Texas gates is also an option. The advantage is that no extra operation is required to enclose the cows in the waiting area. A disadvantage compared to the split-entry and automatic lifting gates is the fact that free cow traffic flow is no longer possible in the area in front of the robot because this gate is fixed in position.

The maximum width of the gate is 350 cm.

Rotatable Texas gate

The rotatable Texas port allows a one-way access from the pasture to the barn. When a larger accessway is required, you can easily open the entire gateway. For example, when the cows are fetched or when you want to go in with a shovel or tractor.


The Texas gate for cross traffic ensures that, when a cow passes through, an opening of 90 cm on one or both sides is shut off. This makes it possible to, for example, block access to the robot area when a cow passes through the cross-traffic gate. The cross-traffic gate is available as a post-mounted or wall-mounted model.




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