Forced split entry gate

The “Split entry” gate enables you to create a shared entrance to your milking robot(s). In this way, animals from a waiting area or separation area can get access to the robot at any time. You can choose the standard split-entry or to the forced split-entry.

In addition, Boetech has a wide range of solutions for separation to the robot. This makes it easily possible to select cows in various areas to go to the robot

With forced split entry gates, the cow does not use her own strength to open the gate. As soon as a cow in the separation area comes under the sensor, the gate will open automatically, so that it can freely access the robot. After the cow has passed through, the gate will close again. The forced split entry gate ensures that the low-ranking animals can freely enter to the robot without having to compete with the dominant animals in the barn.

It is also possible to put up a forced split entry in front of your waiting area, thus making it possible to operate the split entry with the software of the automatic lifting gates of the A3/A4. After a set number of cows had been milked, the gate is opened again for the cows in the rest of the barn. A sensor is not used in this case.

The special shape of the moving gates contributes to the cow-friendly design. Due to the recess in the gate, the cow cannot get her neck caught in the gate. Furthermore there are no protruding parts where a cow can hurt yourself on.


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