Clean and clear water is a fundamental need for animal welfare to produce high quality milk. We advise, supply and install water treatment components and drinking water troughs for livestock. The drinking water trough is designed with great care for easy maintenance and cow comfort.

  • Cow friendly. No sharp corners where a cow can injure itself.
  • Float in the middle. Practice shows that cows drink from the side of the water tank from the side.
  • High-flow float. Low resistance ensures maximum water flow, up to 50 liters / minute.
  • Easy to clean. No unreachable places where bacteria can grow undisturbed. Thanks to the large ball valve (DN50), the drinking water tank is easy to empty.
  • Maximum drinking water area. More drinking comfort for the cow thanks to the shape of the drinking water tank and the compact float.
  • Easy to install. The drinking water tank is supplied as standard for wall mounting. Optionally a set of legs can be ordered to mount the water tank on the floor.
  • Reuse water pipe heat exchanger. It is possible to immediately discharge the heated water that comes out of the tube heat exchanger into the water trough.
  • In combination with a Lely Discovery. With a mounting height of 80 cm (MDV), the Lely Discovery can clean under the water trough.

Available in 5 sizes:
100 x 53 cm
120 x 53 cm
200 x 53 cm
220 x 53 cm
300 x 53 cm