Automatic lifting gate

Many advantages:

  • Labor saving. After all cows have been milked the gate opens automatically.
  • Work comfort. By means of a practical and simple operation, specific cows can be easily isolated from the herd.
  • Labor saving. Keeping already milked cows in the waiting area is no longer necessary, as the gate will open automatically when the last cow is milked.
  • No lost milking time. Because the gate opens by itself, no milking time is lost by the milking robot being idle unnecessarily.
  • No pushing aside of low-ranking cows. When low-ranking animals are fenced-off behind the lifting gate, they can calmly approach the robot .

Operation of the automatic lifting gate

Operation of the automatic lifting gates is integrated in the A3 and A4 milking robots in the X-link and the E-link. These can operate three gates. The A4-operator is able to operate one automatic gate. With an extra Boetech switch box, it is possible to operate a maximum of four automatic gates, still using the software of the X-link or the E-link. The automatic gates can also be used in combination with A2 robots, but in this case, an additional switch for operating the gates must be ordered.

When the set number of cows has been milked, the lifting gate(s) open automatically.

Remote control (optional)

The remote control is a practical control tool for the automatic lifting gates. Cows needing attention can now be separated even easier because the gate can be remotely operated within the barn. The setting for operation of three gates can be used in most situations because the A3 and A4 robots can also control a maximum of 3 gates.

If you have automatic lifting gates in several places in the barn, you should order extra receivers. In fact, transmitters for four or eight gates are also available.




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