Cow routing

Boetech is specialized in cow routing. We provide advanced gate systems to optimize the working processes in the barn. Cow separation, access to pasture and free cow traffic can be entirely adapted and customized to your barn situation.

Milking systems

Boetech supplies and installs everything regarding to the milking robot and the milk tank. We supply a large range of milk line connectors, tank valve systems, pre-coolers, one way valves and buffer vessels including control systems. The components are designed and produced with great care to milk quality, cow comfort and efficient operation.

Drinking water systems

Clean and clear water is a fundamental need for animal welfare to produce high quality milk. We advise, supply and install water treatment components and drinking water troughs for livestock. The drinking water trough is designed with great care for easy maintenance and cow comfort.

Boetech has developed a large variety of barn equipment systems. The picture below shows the areas in and around the barn where we can offer you a solution.